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HKK Hakken Real Estate

My name is Susana Alcântara, a mother, dog-lover, and a fervent admirer of the sea. I’m endlessly captivated by the subtleties of human connections. Each gesture, every interaction, mirrors the authenticity and sincerity I so deeply cherish within the property realm.

Hakken emerged from my yearning to craft something intrinsically mine, an independent entity embodying my vision and ethos. I aspired for more than just an agency: I envisaged a haven where integrity meets ardour, where each client feels truly valued and understood.

With every buyer, there’s a vow. A bond that transcends the mere transaction, journeying together from property selection to that enchanting moment of ownership. We don’t stop at the deal; we’re there for the entire voyage, ensuring a seamless process and a relationship that endures well beyond the purchase.

To our sellers, we extend the assurance of thorough and dignified handling of each property, propelled by over two decades of experience and connections. I grasp the heart of the market and, crucially, the human essence behind each decision.

Throughout my career, I’ve imbibed invaluable lessons. I’ve discerned what truly matters in the property world and imparted that wisdom in shaping my Hakken team. This is a vocation demanding love, commitment, and a genuine understanding of the emotions it encompasses.

Thus, Hakken is a reflection of my journey, my values, and my fervour. A company that doesn’t merely speak but manifests its worth through unwavering trust and tangible results.

Welcome to Hakken, where excellence is a pledge and every client becomes a part of our enduring legacy.

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