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In a world where wealth is a sign of success, Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (UHNWIs) stand at the top. These individuals, with a net worth of $30 million or more, have unique financial landscapes. The Knight Frank’s 2023 Wealth Report helps us understand their investment behaviours, especially in the real estate sector which is a major area of interest for them. The 2023 Wealth Report shows that UHNWIs have a strong preference for real estate, with 32% of their wealth invested in primary and secondary homes. This isn’t just about luxury; it’s about the steady value of real estate. Stocks are also popular, making up 18% of their wealth. Despite its ups and downs, the stock market offers good opportunities for those who understand it well. Bonds, commercial properties, and private equity or venture capital are other areas where UHNWIs invest, showing a mix of different strategies to grow and protect their wealth.

Luxury Investments

The investment landscape of UHNWIs is vast and diversified. A recent global survey involving over 500 wealth managers, family offices, and private bankers, who collectively oversee a whopping $2.5 trillion in assets, sheds light on how these affluent individuals allocate their wealth. Here’s a breakdown:



Average Proportion of Total Wealth


Primary and Secondary Homes






Commercial Property






Private Equity / Venture Capital



Commercial Property Funds



Commercial Property REITs



Investment of Passion (e.g. art, cars, wine)






Crypto Assets





The table illuminates that the lion’s share of wealth is nestled in real estate, with primary and secondary homes constituting 32% of total wealth. On average, a UHNWI owns 3.7 homes, underscoring the significant emphasis on real estate as a solid investment avenue.

UHNWIs also indulge in luxury items, setting aside an average of 3% of their wealth for these treasures. From art and classic cars to rare whiskey bottles, the allure of owning unique items is enticing. The 2023 Wealth Report notes a keen interest in art, with 59% of UHNWIs planning to make art purchases. These luxury investments often retain value, and in some cases, appreciate over time, making them not only a pleasure to own but also a smart financial move.

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The Growing Ultra-Wealthy Population

The number of ultra-wealthy individuals is on the rise globally. In 2022, around 579,000 people held wealth exceeding $30 million. Cities like New York, Tokyo, and San Francisco are the most favored havens for the ultra-rich. The forecast suggests a 29% increase in this demographic, reaching 744,000 by 2027. This uptick will likely fuel the demand for luxury real estate, equity investments, and prized possessions. With an expected increase of investors, the luxury real estate market in Portugal, and globally, is set to witness exciting times ahead.


The investment patterns of the ultra-wealthy reveal a sophisticated blend of risk management, asset diversification, and a taste for the unique. As their numbers grow, so does the potential for luxury real estate, particularly in sought-after locations. For Portugal, renowned for its beautiful properties and attractive investment climate, the future looks bright for those catering to the luxury end of the market.

Embracing the Trends for Future Investments

Understanding the ultra-wealthy’s investment patterns is key for any luxury real estate professional. As their preferences shape the market, staying informed and agile is crucial.

As we look towards the future, it’s clear that real estate remains a cornerstone of wise investing for the super-rich. And within this sphere, the luxury property market in Portugal is particularly poised to benefit from these global wealth trends. For those ready to invest or cater to these investors, the upcoming years promise a landscape of opportunity and growth.

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